BES-T Pre-Post Oil Gel BES-T Pre-Post Oil Gel (BEST-369)

BES-T Pre/Post Oil Gel is high-tech massage oil that supports the elementary aims of the massage process.The correct choice of ethereal oils stimulates and regenerates the body both before and after activity.The oil keeps the skin lubricated over a long period for an optimal massage.After the massage the oil can easily be removed with water and a cloth, so avoiding any issues of having to wash with soap.


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BES-T Wetsuit Glide BES-T Wetsuit Glide (BEST-999)

BES-T Wetsuit Glide is a silicon technology which assists you in putting on and removing wets suits. This enables savings in valuable time and energy before and after an activity. It is suitable for divers and surfers and in particular, triathletes. Spray on the problem areas of your body before putting a wetsuit on.

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Orca Core brief blue/green men Sale Orca Core brief blue/green men (DVS484)

The fabric is treated in Italy to prolong it’s life under chlorine’s attack so the Orca Core brief blue/green men can stand up to more rigorous pool training than standard non-treated fabrics – lasting up to 240hrs in the pool. UPF 50+ rating keeps you protected for longer while you’re out on the course. Unrivalled stretch and next-to-skin comfort with water repellence and "low-cut" elasticated waist with performance sports draw cord. 



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Jobe Aero SUP 9.4 Package Jobe Aero SUP 9.4 Package (486616002)

No matter if you're a beginner or advanced paddler the Jobe Aero SUP 9.4 Package is your rock in the surf!

With a featherlight honeycomb fiberglass thruster fin setup this board is highly maneuverable and suitable for any type of waterbody. 


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BES-T Anti-Rub Cream BES-T Anti-Rub Cream (BEST-323)

BES-T Anti-Rub Cream is a 100% natural salve based on plant extracts containing healing properties.It protects the skin from rubbing, dryness and irritation on sensitive areas of the body like the buttocks, thighs, upper body, head and feet.Particularly suitable for protecting the skin against the harsh effects of rubbing, such as the friction from clothing, shoes and boxing gloves etc.Dermatological tested.Just before an activity apply sufficient amounts of salve to the body parts which are prone to rubbing and irritation.


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Jobe Aero SUP 11.6 Package Jobe Aero SUP 11.6 Package (486416004)

With limited width and hefty volume the 11.6 Jobe Aero SUP 11.6 Package breathes discovery to the core.

This is the ultimate companion to smoothly paddle great distances and explore every canal, river or wherever it might take you next.

Equipped with bungee systems you're set for the day and freely bring along whatever you like.


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